APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Science
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(1)To develop realistic numerical simulation models for the physics and dynamics of the complete earthquake generation process and to assimilate new earthquake observations into such models,(2)To foster collaboration between the relevant complementary programs of participating APEC member economies,(3)To foster development of the requir...
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5-TH ACES INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOPThe theme of the meeting is:Simulating and Forecasting Earthquakes and Tsunamiswith Information TechnologyThe APEC Cooperation on Earthquake Simulations (ACES) is a multi-lateral grand challenge science research cooperation of APEC (the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) [http://www.aces.org.au/]. The ACE...
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Working Group 1Microscopic Simulation(top)Mizoguchi and FukuyamaScaling of Fracture Energy: Laboratory Measurements by High-velocity Rotary Shear ApparatusMorgan and GuoThe evolution of fault strength and gouge properties with shear strain: Insights from particle dynamics simulationsRundle et al.Nucleation and Growth of Microscopic Defe...
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6th ACES International WorkshopPalm Cove Resort, Cairns, Australia11 - 16 May 2008Hosted by: Earth Systems Science Computational Centre, University of QueenslandWorkshop ProgrammeSunday 11 May 20083:00 PMRegistration5:30 PMWelcome and Ice-Breaker ReceptionMonday 12 May 2008Working Group 2 - Scaling Physics9:00 AMCollective Behavior of...
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